Kratom: Vaping vs. Capsules

Lifestyle, Medical / Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Today’s medicinal world has brought many new products to shelves for potential buyers. From western medicine, naturopathic medicine, to holistic medicine, there is a product tailored to each person out there. More recently, the use of kratom has entered medicinal world. What is kratom? Kratom is technically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, a green tree originating from tropical Asia. This plant is known for its stimulating effects and is a part of the coffee family. As with all plant/powder based supplements, there are multiple ways to partake in them. Water tinctures, infused skin balms, infused foods, capsules, and vaporizers, are just a few of the ways people can take these types of supplements. In today’s market, the most sought after forms of kratom are the capsule form and vape form. Both of these methods carry many benefits, so let’s get into the differences and similarities of each.

Vaping Kratom:

Vaping is a fairly recent new coming of the medicinal world. People from all over are now reaping the benefits of vaping. Whether people are vaping hemp derived products, tobacco-less vape juice to quit smoking, or especially kratom, they are enjoying the positive benefits of their substance of choice. In our prior article of Vaping vs. Smoking, we went over the logistics of how vaping works. Kratom traditionally comes in a powder form, generally looking like the matcha powder you order in your Starbucks latte. To be able to vaporize a substance, it has to be transformed into liquid form (“vape juice”) to create the steam you inhale, which occurs through a series of heated coils. Vaping allows people to enjoy the benefits of kratom at an increasingly quicker rate than those who use capsules. This happens because of the way our bodies take vaporized steam into our lungs. Inhaling this vapor gives our bodies instant gratification of the substance. There is no waiting time until users can feel the effects, so vaping offers immediate relief. If users are going to be purchasing kratom vape juice online, it’s important to be sure they are aware of which brands sell quality products and which just selling low grade products for profit. A well-known fan favorite brand that sells high quality kratom vape juice is Club13. Club13 offers a variety of products from vape juice, capsules, and powders that are guaranteed high quality. Companies like Club13 give users legitimate merchandise by being lab tested for pathogens, and having a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Users who vape kratom have described their Club13 vaping experiences as efficient, pain relieving, and mood boosting.


Kratom Capsules:

Taking capsules is one of the more traditional methods of ingesting powder-based supplements. Capsules offer users discrete usage and long lasting effects. Depending on the type of capsule taken, our bodies will digest the ingredients differently. Compared to vaping, swallowing a capsule takes a bit longer for our bodies to feel the effects. Just like taking any other medicine or pill, our bodies have to metabolize the capsule before allowing it to enter our bloodstream. Generally speaking, it will take about 45 minutes to an hour before the average adult will feel the stimulus provided by kratom capsules. However, once the effects are felt, they may stick around a bit longer than the effects felt while vaping. Once the body metabolizes the capsule, it will continue to metabolize the contents of the capsule, providing the effects of kratom for a longer time due to the slower pace of metabolism compared to instantaneous inhalation of vaping. Kratom capsules also come in different milligrams, depending on the strength capsule preferred by the user. Users can also take more than one capsule to create stimulating effects that benefit them best. There are a variety of different strains of kratom capsules which give users different effects. One of the most popular strains is Maeng Da, which offers pain relief and increased energy. sells this strain in three different types: Maeng Da Red, Maeng Da White, and Maeng Da Green.


The way kratom is administered to the body clearly affects the time frame in which it affects a person. If you’re trying to figure out which method is for you, be sure to compare what your personal needs and wants from kratom are, and apply them to which method would seem to suit you best. And if you’re not sure which method is for you, carefully try both until you conclude the more beneficial method for yourself. If you’re not looking to take kratom, but instead educating yourself about it, enjoy learning about this natural and ancient supplement.                    

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