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About Us - This Thing vs That

This website, This Thing vs That, is an informative website that is designed to give insightful, researched comparisons between two objects so the reader can help make an informed decision. Sometimes making a choice between two products or items can be difficult and we want to provide a place where a person can go to find quick and concise comparisons for even the most trivial of objects.

Our writers take the time to research two items and then write out a summary of the comparisons to see if one object is greater or better than the opposing object. More and more people are turning to the internet to help them make a decision but instead having to go to multiple websites, we want to provide one place where someone can visit in order to read about a variety of comparisons. We want to create a one stop website that has the important information in an easy to digest format.

The website began after three friends had an argument over which was better for you, tea or coffee. These three friends were hanging out one night and wanted to try to find information about whether coffee or tea is better for you. Katherine popped online and noticed website after website that had comparisons between tea and coffee. After having to visit numerous websites to get all the information that they needed, the friends were started to get frustrated. Molly brought up the point that each website that featured the comparison between tea and coffee only focused on very similar topics. Each website was very limited in the breadth of topics. The friends decided that it would be great if there was just one place to go to find comparisons. Within weeks, This Thing vs That was born.

It is an ambitious goal but the three friends are all known for being ambitious and love the challenge of being put to the test. All three are avid writers and have discussed in the past starting their very own blog but never could decide what to focus on. Inspiration struck when they had the argument over tea versus coffee and then all three knew that this was what they wanted to focus on. The three friends have had various jobs in writing, marketing, research and social media in the past and they wanted to combine their past experience to create their very own website. Molly, Jazmin and Katherine have been good friends since college. They were roommates who bonded over Grey’s Anatomy, Pinot Gris, and their love of writing. When not arguing over who is the hottest doctor on the show, they love going to brunch in the city and spending time shopping for vintage clothing at consignment stores. Three friends who just happened to love all the same things became roommates and now co-founders of an actualization of a dream. Whether it is food, beauty, health, medical, or technological comparisons, we plan on covering as many topics as possible.

If you have a suggestion or want to contribute an article, you can use our submit button on the home page of the website. Contact Us if you want to see a specific topic covered, We will review each submission to make sure that it fits our criteria for content. If we plan on using your submission we will let you know. We do not pay for submissions. We look forward to our readers enjoying our content. We love feedback so give us a holler if you have any!

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