Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder vs. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Health & Beauty / Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

The beauty world has never been as hot and popular as it is today—mostly thanks to social media. This means new products coming out left and right, and aisles full of new things to try. Finally, more beauty and makeup products are coming out to suite a wider range of skin tones, skin types, skin textures, and much more.

Huda Beauty is the most happening brand of makeup right now—in the sense of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook exposure, YouTube reviews, and makeup guru gossip. This brand was started by the makeup master Huda Kattan. If you have been on Instagram in the last few months, you have probably stumbled across a post about her eyeshadow palettes, whether you intended to stumble across it or not. Her first eyeshadow palette, The Rose Gold Palette, was a hit but unfortunately discontinued the summer of 2017. Earlier in 2018, she announced that she would be releasing the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eye Palette, which was released a few months ago on May 22nd. This palette sold out within only a couple of days, leaving makeup fanatics on the edge of their seats to see what Huda would release next. Just more than a week ago, Huda Beauty launched their brand-new product, Easy Bake Setting Powder. Rants and raves have flooded the internet as people review this new product compared to their trusted prior setting powder. So, what’s the deal?

Before Huda Beauty released their new line of powders, the most dominating loose setting powder amongst the beauty world was Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder. This trustee powder has been used by basically every major makeup guru—including Kylie Jenner. Naturally, comparisons between the two powders have risen, so let’s breakdown the differences between the two.


Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder can be bought on for $38.00 for 1oz of product while Huda Beauty’s Easy Bake Loose Baking and Setting Powder can be bought for $34.00 with no volume shown, but a weight of 125 grams (including the weight of the container itself).


Laura Mercier’s products are available in a variety of department and makeup stores as well as online. Huda Beauty’s products are available inside Sephora or online. However, their new Easy Bake Loose Powder is solely sold online as of now but is supposedly making its way into Sephora stores on July 20th.

Long Lastingness

Both powders are sold with intentions to set your face makeup to stay in place all day with no creasing smearing or smudging. Huda Beauty and Laura Mercier powder are both flashback tested (meaning that if you get your picture taken with a flash, the powder will not wash out your face with a white cast—which is very common in loose powders). Because of the short time that Huda Beauty’s powder has been released for, there are far less reviews about its wear time than the Laura Mercier powder. That being said—the reviews for Huda Beauty’s new powder have been astounding. The finishes of both powders leave skin matte without shine while a subtle sheen is left as well.

Shade Inclusivity  

Huda Beauty has been known for it’s inclusive makeup branding since the release of their Faux Filter Foundation which had range of 30 shades. When it came to the release of their Easy Bake Powder they once again crushed it with their shade range. There are 8 shades in their new line:

Huda Beauty vs. Laura Mercier

8 shades may not seem to be a lot, but before Huda Beauty’s release, brands have been marketing their baking powders as a sort of “one-size-fits-all” model—which we all know, never works for everyone. Laura Mercier had been selling their single shade Translucent Setting Powder until a bit ago when they came out with a “deep” shade as well. While Laura Mercier tried at shade inclusivity, they’ve got nothing on Huda Beauty for now— (Laura if you’re reading this I challenge you to release more shades).

What Else You Might Want to Know

Despite all the positive reviews on Huda Kattan’s new product, there has been a downside as well. The biggest complaint among reviewers is the scent of the Easy Bake Setting Powders. Powders have a long history of smelling like what some may call “your grandmothers old makeup.” Basically, baby powder with an attempt to make it smell floral—making it that much more unpleasant. Unfortunately, Huda Beauty’s new powders have this scent. This makes Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder come out on top when it comes to scent—unless of course you enjoy the somewhat nostalgic smell of classic old loose setting powders.


Whether you’re a long time setting powder user or a newbie, be sure to get your hands on either one of these powders. No matter which you use, your makeup will look flawless—just be sure to get the correct shade to suit your skin tone.

Happy setting!




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