Cats vs. Dogs

Pets / Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Pets are great companions but being a pet owner is a big responsibility. There is an ongoing conversation about being a dog person versus a cat person. Both furry creatures can make great pets, but they have different levels of work associated with them, and depending on your lifestyle, one might be a better choice. Pets deserve proper care and attention, so make sure you choose an animal that you can be attentive and loving towards.

Cats are a lot lower maintenance than dogs. If you have a busy schedule or are out of town a lot for work, a cat might be a better option for you. Cats don’t need to be walked, taken out to go to the bathroom, or played with every day. Cats are very independent creatures and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They like to nap, play with catnip, and lay in the sun. Cats typically don’t expect a strict diet.  Cat’s do require vet visits, vaccinations, although they do groom themselves, a trip to the groomer every now and then is a good idea. Cats are very independent and don’t expect a ton of affection from their owners. They do very well on their own curled up in a furry ball on the couch. Cats typically have a litter box which can be a little smelly, but you won’t have to go out in the yard to pick up their droppings. However, cats do a have a habit of catching birds or mice to bring home as presents. Cats do shed, but generally, make less of a mess than a mid to large size dogs.

Dogs are not nearly as independent as cats and generally take a lot more energy to care for. Depending on the breed, size, and type of dog, your workload will look a little differently. Most dogs are social creatures and like to get out and about on a walk or run to interact with other dogs or people. Dogs usually require a significant amount of training, especially if they are puppies. They must be potty-trained and learn how to behave around dogs and other people appropriately. Dogs usually need to be entertained, or have access to a park, yard, or play area. Dogs also require vaccinations and specific veterinarian treatment. Dogs are great if live by yourself, as some dogs like to be the guard dogs.  If you feel like you need an extra level of security, dogs will often alert you if something is off. It might just be a squirrel in a tree, but it could be something else. Dogs typically eat more than cats, making their food a bit costlier, and the clean-up a bit more substantial. Usually, dogs can be a bit more maintenance. They can chew things, they shed a lot and can make a lot for you to clean up. However, Dogs are loyal, loving, and generally, exude a lot more energy than cats. You’ll never have to wonder if your dog misses you or loves you, most dogs greet their owners with a wagging tail and panting breath of excitement when they enter the door.

Pets are an expensive addition to your life, but if you have the funds available, they make a great addition to day to day life. Make sure you think about the long-term responsibilities of owning a pet. While it may just seem like fun and cuddles, it takes a significant amount of work to be a good pet owner. This responsibility isn’t to be taken lightly, so make sure you think hard before you go and pick up your new furry friend, whether it ends up being a cat or dog.

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