BOB Jogging Stroller vs. Thule Jogging Stroller

Children / Monday, April 9th, 2018

Thule vs Bob jogging stroller

Finding the right jogging stroller is tricky because they are expensive and picking the right one means the difference between having a great run or a terrible one. A jogging stroller gives parents the freedom to get out there for a run anytime they want. Because it’s already hard enough to push a stroller and run at the same time, doing some research into a jogger stroller is key for those parents who want to get a workout in.

Having kids makes getting a workout in difficult during the day. It is hard to do anything when you have kids, so when you have time to squeeze in a run, making sure you have the best possible equipment is essential to making the most of the time you have. With more and more parents looking to get in shape after the baby is born, more people are looking to purchase the right kind of jogging stroller for their lifestyle and workout. There are a lot of features that come with a jogging stroller and this article will cover the most important features.

There are two jogging strollers that really stand out amongst all the jogging strollers on the market. BOB jogging strollers and Thule jogging strollers are considered to be the two most luxurious and effective jogging strollers on the market. Both these strollers are considered investment pieces and awesome additions for the family. Both strollers are best in class for a reason but is one stroller truly better than the other? Here is the breakdown.


This stroller is considered the best stroller for the serious runner. Hailed as the best on the market, parents that run rave about how much they love this stroller. Reviews of the stroller on the popular site, Amazon, rank almost all the strollers in their line as almost 5 stars. The high ratings combined with rave reviews have catapulted it to the top of must want list for every parent who runs with their baby. But what are the pros and cons of such an amazing stroller?

Pros: The stroller is heavier than the Thule, This is a sturdy base that allows for it to be used on almost any terrain. It helps to provide a smoother ride over terrain that most strollers would not be able to work on. The BOB strollers are even able to be pushed through sand. A near impossible feat for almost all other strollers. It has a centralized suspension system so the ride means smooth even at faster speeds. You can also adjust the suspension based on the weight of the child. The handle car adjusts to nine different positions so people of multiple heights can use the stroller with ease. The two most popular BOB models are the Revolution FLEX and the BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller. The Ironman jogging stroller is more streamlined and designed for those who are very serious about running. There is less storage room on the Ironman stroller. The Revolution FLEX has more storage room and the front wheel swivels, unlike the front wheel on the Ironman stroller, so that a parent can take it from the sidewalk to the inside of a store.

Cons: The biggest drawback to the BOB stroller is the cost. The Ironman stroller costs a whopping $420. The BOB FLEX will set a parent back $450. Most strollers on average costs about $100 to $150 so the BOB strollers are more than twice the amount of the average stroller. And if you have two kids, the double stroller is $689.99. For a majority of parents, these price points make it an impossible buy. Some of the one star reviews on Amazon state that extra accessories are an extra cost. The stroller itself doesn’t come with any extra accessories and the extra accessories are quite pricey. The car seat adaptor alone for the BOB is $60. Another issue that is addressed in the negative reviews is that the tires on the BOB are defective. Most people complained about getting a flat tire based on a defective tire. Also, another common complaint is the lack of decent customer service that BOB offers when there is an issue. Another con with the stroller is that it is very bulky.

Thule Urban Glide

The Thule Urban Glide is another top of the line jogging stroller. This is considered the direct competition to the BOB. Another one of the most loved jogging strollers on the market, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This jogging stroller is more adaptable towards an urban environment versus a rugged outdoor terrain.

Pros: The biggest pro about the Thule is that it is very lightweight. The Thule performs really well on the city streets and can also easily maneuver inside as well thanks to the swivel front wheel. The Thule also has a lot of extra accessories like a handbrake, a covered basket, and a footbrake. They also included an improved stroller lock. The profile of the stroller when folded is sleek and compact. It also has a one-handed folded mechanism making it easy to collapse the stroller. The Thule also has an adjustable handlebar and lots of waterproof storage. Also, there are glowing reviews about the company’s customer service when an arises with the stroller.

Cons: One of the biggest downsides of this stroller is also the price. This stroller is even more expensive than the BOB. The Thule Urban glide retails for about $550. Most people get sticker shock when they see the price of the Thule. The Thule also does not handle rough terrain very well at all. The suspension of the stroller is very bouncy so sometimes the stroller can be a little more difficult to maneuver. The stroller almost over responds to direction.

When the strollers go head to head, the Thule comes out on top in regards to overall performance and extras included with the stroller. The drawback is definitely the price of the Thule. Both strollers are pricey but the Thule is almost double the cost of the BOB. Both perform fairly well so if the price is a concern, then there is nothing wrong with purchasing a BOB.  If you want superior performance and money is no issue then the Thule is the one to buy.


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